Orthopaedic Acupuncture

Anatomy, pathology, palpation diagnosis and acupuncture/acupressure treatments for knee conditions – one day CPD seminar and workshop

NEXT SEMINAR  - 2 July 2017

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Hogarth Youth Centre
Duke Road
London W4 2JR

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This is a one day seminar/workshop (10am-5pm) for acupuncture, massage and other physical and sports therapists and personal trainers who want to broaden their knowledge and further their skills. It is designed to fulfil the requirements for CPD as set by the Acupuncture Society and other professional organisations.

The seminar includes a morning theoretical part and a practical afternoon workshop. The theory session covers the principle musculo-skeletal anatomy in relation to the Acupuncture meridians and the common pathology patterns of the area, focusing on  their aetiology, diagnosis and treatment. The practical afternoon workshop involves working in pairs performing palpation diagnosis of the different muscles of the knee and their common trigger points.  It also covers acupressure stimulation of the relevant muscle local and distal acupuncture points.

All students who complete the seminar are issued with Anatomy, pathology, palpation diagnosis and acupuncture/acupressure treatments for knee conditions  attendance certificate, which counts as 6 contact hours towards CPD.



The seminar aims to help students achieve:
1.         Detailed practical understanding of the musculoskeletal structural and functional anatomy and the Acupuncture Meridians of the area
2.         Understanding of the common pathology patterns of the area and their aetiology
3.         Perform diagnostic palpation of the muscles of the area and their trigger points



I:       Theoretical part – morning session 10am-1pm

II.      Practical part – afternoon session 2pm-5pm
The practical session is based on demonstration with explanations, practical work in pairs and discussion.


The seminar is designed as a CPD course for acupuncture, acupressure, tuina, shiatsu, massage and other physical and sports therapists, as well as personal trainers.



The cost of the seminar is £90.00*

* 10% Early Bird discount – payments received by
** 20% Acupuncture Society members discount

It includes:    
1.         6-hour seminar and workshop
2.         Presentation notes(electronic)
3.         Attendance certificate

After successfully completing your course there is a £10 certification charge




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The Lecturer
Dragomir Lubomirov FAcS MPCHM

Vice Principal of the College of Chinese Medicine

Chair of the CCM Academic board About Me #01

Email: dragomirl@btinternet.com
Tel. +44 7976 253682

Dragomir is a fully trained and insured practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acupressure massage, which he has practiced successfully since 1997. He has a Masters Degree in Clinical Neuroscience. He is a Fellow of the Acupuncture Society, one of the main professional organisations representing TCM and acupuncture practitioners in the UK. The Acupuncture Society is an active member of the Acupuncture Stakeholder Working Group set by the DoH to map the future of the acupuncture profession in the UK.

Dragomir is the Vice-Principal of CCM London since 2003 and a senior lecturer at the College. Based on his sports, martial arts, massage and acupuncture experience, he developed and has been teaching the Advanced Acupressure Massage Course at the College since 2000 both in the UK and abroad. At the College he teaches the Auricular Acupuncture for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and stress management, Acupuncture Meridian stretch, TCM Orthopaedic diagnosis and Orthopaedic and TCM Musculo-skeletal medicine Acupuncture courses.

His professional interests are:
- neural and anatomical correlates of the acupuncture meridian system
- multi-layered interconnectivity of the neuro-axis and especially the spinal inter-segmental connectivity
- stimulation-based approaches to body regulation and healing
- traditional and modern technological methods of stimulation of acupuncture points
- exercise as treatment for musculo-skeletal, mental/emotional and general health problems as well as health enhancement, learning and personal development

For more information about this course please contact Dragomir Lubomirov: Tel. 07976253682 or email: dragomirl@btinternet.com

His professional interests are: